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Nigga what 3 years ago
This shit weird
Bigdaddylump 3 years ago
I'm sorry this is funny AF
Bob 3 years ago
Little late for using a rubber!!! She sure looked better before she got pregnant.
Seriously 1 year ago
These folks look like 2nd graders
Imagine 3 years ago
This yo mum and u find her fuckin a midget with u in the oven
BobSaget 3 years ago
Why are u jerking off u idoit. You have a bitch there for that. Make her do it
2 years ago
what the fuck
wtf 3 years ago
oh yea nothing like some midgets to get my pussy wet
baka 2 years ago
wtf pregnent ????
KiiNG 1 year ago
Not my greatest fap