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1 year ago
My wife was pregnant and I had a roommate living with us at the time. He was a good friend of mine who was down on his luck. I remember seeing his cock when we were in 9th grade an it was huge, so I convinced my wife into having a threesome. I let him cum in her every time and you could tell she loved every second of it. After her pussy was dripping I’d stick my cock in and finish her off also with a load in her. During the rest of the pregnancy I let my roommate fuck her regularly.
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1 year ago
What a lucky man, she is so fuckn hot if she was my girl I would keep her pregnant for all of time and beyond
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What a babe! Last bug is the best when we can see her gorgeous face and beautiful pregnant belly while she is fucked from behind. Perfect!
rob 1 year ago
i took my wife this weekend to a hotel for her xmas gift. ;) i got a gift also(4times) ! put her up on pillows two times and fucked her, nice full, deep strokes i put into her to cum. really loved smelling our sex on pillows all night ! went in hot tub in morning and fucked her again in water...loved cumming in her in the warm water ! soaked in our sex for before i dried her and she sucked my cock and swallowed last of my cum . took her downstairs for breakfast ,she said shes leaking my cum
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